Jim Loft, AIA


Jim Loft is a Co-President of PROCON and joined the Company in 1996. He holds registered architect licenses in 11 states and is NCARB registered. Jim leads PROCON’s architectural and engineering team that is responsible for project development, client relations, architectural design, and he oversees the full range of AE services.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

“Working in an environment where each day is different and presents new challenges. And, in our business, there are always challenges, but there is also a sense of accomplishment at the end.”

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

“I love it all - from meeting new clients to sorting through the construction process. Mostly, I enjoy putting together the best qualities of different personalities on a project team.”

What would you like people to most remember about you?

“That I have a positive and honest approach and that I’m always focused on what’s good for the entire group, not just the individual. I believe that we are only as good as those around us.”

What do you enjoy doing for fun?

“I have been playing the guitar since high school. I also enjoy swimming and mountain biking. Surfing has also been a lifelong passion.”

Tell us about your family:

“I love spending time with my wife of 31 years.  We have two daughters, two cats and live by a lake, which is tremendous fun in the summer. We also enjoy vacationing together and have traveled internationally to countries like Croatia, Portugal, and Switzerland, etc.”